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hours of idleness
09 March 2024 @ 07:01 pm
❝And it shoves me along to certain corners, to certain damp houses, to hospitals where the bones come out of windows, to certain cobblers' shops smelling on vinegar, to streets horrendous as cervices. There are birds the colour of sulphur, and horrible intestines hanging from the doors of the houses which I hate. There are forgotten sets of teeth in a coffee-pot, there are mirrors which should have wept with shame and horror. There are umbrellas all over the place, and poisons, and navels. I stride along with calm, with eyes, with shoes, with fury, with forgetfulness. I pass, I cross offices and store full of orthopaedic appliances, underpants, towels, and shirts which weep slow dirty tears.❞

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a journal to keep track of what inspires me. as for my own work, microfiction mainly present here; a few journals + critical analysis of books, movies, tv shows, etc. anonymous comments currently allowed for friends not joined on lj. comment to be added.
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hours of idleness
01 August 2015 @ 03:40 pm
It has been a little while since I posted anything to this journal that wasn't directing you somewhere else or just ranting about things that annoy me. (Which I do often, hahah.)

The past few days I got to spend with a good friend of mine and so that was a much needed relief from a no air-conditioned house. I am currently dog-sitting for some neighbors for the week so I doubt I will be doing anything exciting except watch movies, read, and draw. My brother said he'd come spend the day with me later today and spend the night as well so I have some company for at least a day. It is not like they are very far away but it is always nice to have some company, despite how friendly the dogs are.

For ynalda news, I am slowly writing more stuff for Le Conseiller (mainly right now a requested character sheet which needed to happen anyways,) and I am working on drafting the prologue for The Silent Soul from the Far East. I really need to draft for the main arc but I still have so many things to work out, that writing for that arc is more of a pain than anything currently. Though I still have trouble presenting my writing (since I feel uncomfortable that it is exceptionally bad) I really want to improve and finally share the stories that have been in my head since childhood.

Nothing really interesting to report thus far but I am hoping to be getting personal writing/drawing things done so I can post them and show them to you guys. c:
hours of idleness
19 July 2015 @ 08:26 pm
Just wanted to let everyone know I have a place now to house my writing and such. I have been writing a bit more for my personal stories so I thought I might as well start adding them there. I will continue to add more as I go along. I am still in the process of working and posting but at least there is something!

hours of idleness
02 July 2015 @ 10:46 pm
I just want this political bullshitting to end. My social media sites are chock full of crap I don't want or need. People are spewing, one way or another, as if they know everything and if someone says otherwise then go f yourself. I just cannot handle how ass-like so many people are being over things that I think take a very more serious, and less ridiculously "we win--shut up" kind of attitude. I'm sorry that you feel the need to protect yourself through crude humor or truly nasty jokes, but can you just stop rubbing it all over everything.

I'm frustrated and annoyed and I just want people to stop being so awful about matters I feel deserve respect--on both sides. So just--stop.
hours of idleness
27 May 2015 @ 01:46 pm
It's refreshing. I found today has been a day of promises and hopes. My body is ready for work, ready to stretch itself and be useful. Oddly enough, I love labor. I love the feeling of doing something productive, even if that productivity is reading a well-written book. Somehow the feeling of the wheels behind my eyes turning is a reminder of what I was before I graduated. I never want to stop learning. I want to bask in this feeling of studious delight.

I am glad I decided to take a day or so break from lurking in the darkest corners of the basement, my face staring into a screen. Seeing the sun, feeling the breeze blow through the window--this is truly an amazing feeling.